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You want to start a business but have no name – let National Business Register point you in the right direction.

If you are looking at setting up a business as a sole trader, a partnership or limited company, looking at registering for tax and getting your website created, find out all you need to know right here

Setting Up a Business

Data is key and National Business Register will give you as much as you need, pulling from over 10 million UK businesses, companies, trademarks and brands. Want to know your competition? Let National Business Register break down your chosen industry to ensure that you are starting a business that is unique. Not only that, we can help register a trademark, company or domain name and answer any questions you may have; why not speak to one of our advisors today!


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National Business Register

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Find the help you need when Starting a Business

As well as business names, there is a lot of information you will need when it comes to starting a business. National Business Register will help show you the main information you need when it comes to registering your business. This is broken down into simple sections of Business Names, Limited Companies, Trade Marks and Domains. So, whether you want to register a PLC company, a Limited company, LLP company, Offshore company or CIC, National Business Register can help.

A Fully Created Website

When registering your business, National Business Register will also provide a fully formed website ensuring your vision of starting your business is fully realised! Following your own specific requirements, the website will be created by our own web designers, meaning you can focus back on what’s next. Another great reason to apply online today or speak to our helpful team.

Limited Companies

It can be difficult to decide whether to setup your business as Limited or PLC and National Business Register can help guide you through this process easily. One of the many benefits as well as helping your business to stand out is that a company is separate to the owners, protecting against debt and personal losses. Let us help you with all the information you will need when considering this option.

Trade Marks

Considering the registration of a particular word, initial, logo, shape and much more? Let us here at National Business Register show you how to go about this and protect you from choosing something similar to what’s already out there. Read through our guides and find out more information including the many various trade mark classes, to make things easy.


When it comes to starting your business and getting it online, there can be various difficulties you may come across. Let the experts here at National Business Register make the process less daunting by setting this up for you and even create your own website that we will design against your unique specifications. All the information you need is within National Business Register to make this a reality.

Free Search and information

Our free search will show you: Trading Names, Limited Companies, Trademarks and Domain Names. This will make it very clear what’s already out there and, more importantly, ensure you’re not setting up a business that copies the name of an existing organisation, no matter how obscure and niche your business is.

Did we mention it’s free to use? Yes, as well as the business names search facility, National Business Register contains lots more useful information when it comes to breaking down starting a business. This includes general business advice to point you in the right direction, registration info which is vital when starting a business, a list of restricted words and expressions that cannot be considered for business names, as well as an extremely helpful jargon buster to take the headache out of business terms.

Business Names logo

Business Names

    For Sole Traders and Partnerships

  • Your Business Name is Your Business.
  • The name of a business is one of its most vital assets.
  • It’s how you answer the phone.
  • It’s how people remember you and your products or services.
  • It’s unique.

Limited Companies logo

Limited Companies

  • A company is a separate entity to the owners and when registered it protects against debt and personal losses. The company is incorporated for your use and trading.
  • You can register as Limited, LLP, PLC or Guarantee structure.

Trade Marks logo

Trade Marks

  • The registration of words, initials, logos, monograms, shapes or signatures numerals and designs as trade or service marks provides effective protection against imitators and prevents copying.

Domain Names logo

Domain Names

  • The Internet is a network of data and most businesses must be on it. We register your ‘domain’ name which is your internet address, and build your website creating your emails and gateway to receive payments from customers.

Free Information

You can access all the full information online, print it off or order brochures. It is important to understand the various business structures and be confident going into business for yourself.

All services, are available online including free name availability checks, business advice, business tips and direct application forms to get your business up and running quickly and smoothly.