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Are you ready to take the leap, or not sure it’s the right time? 
Our start now guide explains what you need to consider when looking to start a new venture. 


You’ve got the idea, lets make it official. 
To set up a business, there are a number of things you will need to consider to ensure you are compliant and not infringing on other already established businesses. Choosing a unique business name is imperative when starting out. 
Our guide highlights the different options you can take and will help decide what set up is best for you, but should you need further support or wish to discuss your particular situation, call 0800 069 9090, as we love to help. 


Make sure people can find you easily with a website and social media accounts. These platforms not only help you showcase your products/services, they also provide social proof to potential customers with reviews, examples and contact details for you. 
There are a range of different sites available to you and it’s worth doing some research before you decide which one is best for your business. If you decide you would like to have your own domain name, emails and website, Start.biz can provide a simple and easy service for you. 


Everyone has something that makes them unique and this is the same for your business. Deciding on your USP is an vital step when setting up your business, it will help you build your company and guide key decision making. 
In some cases it is a smart move to trade mark a certain element of your business. Trade marks can be words, names, initials, logos, monograms, shapes or signatures, numerals and designs. 
Alternatively, Registered Design may be the best way of protecting your companies intellectual property. Design registration protects the look, shape, configuration or ornamentation of products and is initiated by a novelty search that we can do on your behalf. 
Our expert team have over 30 years' experience in the intellectual property protection industry and are on hand to answer any questions you may have, whilst making the process of applying as easy, straight forward and quick as possible. 
Contact the team today on 0121 678 9000 ar email info@start.biz 
Head over to our SME Information hub to read and search for articles to help you set-up, survive and thrive. 
Have you got all our Start Now steps in the bag? Let’s move to the next level then 
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