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When you start a business it feels like you’re being pulled in several different directions and there is no end of information, advice pieces and contradicting opinions on how to become a success. It’s true that this isn’t a one size fits all situation and information overload is a very real thing. We’re here to keep it simple - identify what your fundamental goals, weaknesses and opportunities are early on. These can change over time but having the right tools and services at your disposal in the beginning will help you reach your targets faster.. 


The biggie. One thing that stops many people starting a business is that they don’t feel they are ‘business minded’. Tax, insurance, employment law, rates; all can seem overwhelming and confusing. For many accountants are about peace of mind and freeing up your time to focus on what you do best – running your business! 
At Start.biz we have real-life experience of our accountants and insurers services. We have met them all face to face and some we have worked with for decades. It is important that our community is built on trust and transparency. We understand small business so whatever level of support you need from an accountant we have the right partner or plan for you. 


‘Money isn't everything but everything needs money’. Keeping costs low is a priority for any business owner but what if you do need some investment to kick start your business? There are many paths to go down and several ways to raise the cash you need. 
We know owners that have started by maxing out credit cards (not very advisable!), raided their savings accounts, borrowed from friends and family or gone to external investors. Depending on the amount of capital you need and what you need it for there are different options available to you. Whether it’s to buy stock, equipment, employ people, develop technology or all of the above we have trusted partners that can help you. 


Setting solid foundations is essential. We all know that life can be unpredictable but being clear on what your business needs will help you in the future. In this section we dig down into some fundamentals of most businesses.  
Some of these may not apply to your business, or may not apply right now but knowledge is power when it comes to developing your business. These articles are laying the ground work to ensure future growth is not only possible but part of your business plan. 





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