Web Hosting

Once you have registered a domain name and have a website designed, you will probably want to find someone to ‘host’ this for you. This will make your website permanently accessible. A ‘host’ is someone who will store (or ‘host’) the files for your website on a computer (also known as a ‘server’) that is permanently connected to the Internet. It is not essential however to find a host for a domain name, but without one your domain cannot be used.

When deciding on the type of hosting package you need it is important to understand what you want from your website. A website containing basic information about your business and contact details is the simplest and cheapest to set up. A more complex website with online order forms or online transactions will require a different specification.

At National Business Register, we will work with you to find the best web hosting solution to meet your business needs. We offer a full domain-hosting package, accompanied with a high level of service and support.

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