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Search for a Company or Business Name and Register your UK Business 

Looking to check if your business name has already been registered 

Our free business name search facility enables you to search against 10 million registered companies operating in the UK, letting you check where your business name has already been registered by another company. 

Why is it important to check your business name hasn’t been registered? 

It is vital that you do not copy the name of an existing organisation in your field and there are already 2 million businesses, 2.3 million companies and 4.2 million UK domain names - and there are 25,000 changes each month. With so many businesses out there and business changing their names you need to be sure that your company name is unique so you don’t run the risk of legal action against your company.  

How to Register Your Business Name 

If you’re looking to register a business, then Start.Biz is the choice for you. We have access to the National Business Register which covers over 10 million registered UK businesses, companies,trademarks and brands. Business Name Registration protects against ‘Passing Off’ (name copying). Use our free extensive online search facility to make sure your chosen business name is not already in use in your industry, then register to obtain exclusivity for your trading name against competitors. 
The first step of registering your company name is to check if someone else is using it, and what kind of competition your name will have in your industry. Once you’ve searched for your business anime and found one that you like and isn’t claimed by another business then you can register your business name through the form on the site. 
Business registration is vital when it comes to setting up and maintaining your business. Your business name is the most important asset your business can have. From answering the phone, to printing it over your products and marketing, this name will be the main way that people characterise your business. 
Find out more about ‘Business Name Registration’ and how you can protect your business against ‘Passing Off’ here

What do I do once I’ve registered my Company Name? 

Start.biz offers a range of services not just related to business name registration or company name checks. We can provide you with trademark registration, company formation and domain name registration
You can also take advantage of our partner companies that offers a range of service such as: 
Accountancy Services - Accountancy is one of the biggest issues that faces any type of company. Understanding your cash flow, where your money is coming from and going to is critical to ensure you’re paying the correct amount of taxes but can be a troublesome element of running your business. Our Accountancy partners can help you take control of your finances and identify problems, inefficiencies and growth opportunities. 
Financing your Business - Now you’ve registered the name of your business and set up your company you may need finance to get everything fully set up. Our finance partners are available to help through providing loans and invoice finance services that give you the cash flow to get your business up and running. 
Business Insurance - After you’ve registered your business you’ll need to ensure that your company is prepared to take whatever the market throws your way. That’s where business insurance comes in. With the help of our insurance partners you can protect your company from whatever comes your way. 
Business Strategy - Our business strategy partners are available to help your newly registered company grow by offering a range of advice, business coaching, workshops or training. 
Legal - Once you’ve registered your company name you’ll need proper legal support for your business to provide a secure foundation for growth. Our legal partners enable you to have secure contracts, associated terms ( T’s and C’s) and to protect your trade. 
Credit Reports - In order for you to build up a secure financial footing you need to understand the financial health of your business. With our Credit Report partners you can get an analysis of your financial situation and enable yourself to make wise and sound financial decisions. 
For more advice and information on how you can start your business on the path to growth make sure you check out our business advice blog as well as our guides on how to set up your business for success, how to improve the day-to-day running of your business and how to grow your business
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