Trade Marks

Register a trademark with National Business Register today and ensure that it’s protected against imitators, making sure your business continues to benefit and not be confused with others. Using our UK trade mark search, you will be able to search our vast database and then register words, initials, logos, monograms, shapes or signatures, numerals and designs. Whichever type you wish to register a trademark for, you’ll find the help you’ll need here; click apply online or download form below to get started.

The cost to run a basic UK trade mark search is £80 plus VAT. Before applying, you’ll need to check which class of trademark you are looking to register. If you’re not sure which class would be suitable, we can help describe each class and point you in the right direction. There are 45 different classes so be sure to check through our ready-made list on the left. If you need help at all with any information regarding Trademarks, please don’t hesitate to call our freephone number 0800 069 9090 and speak to one of our trade mark agents.

UK Trade Mark Search

Carrying out a thorough search is very important to ensure you do not use a trademark currently registered, or one that is deemed too similar to another. At National Business Register we can conduct a comprehensive search on your behalf and have 35 years’ experience doing so. Take away any confusion you may have when it comes to trademarks by consulting the experts. We will provide a full search report for you to consult and make things much simpler for you.

We have plenty of information throughout the website explaining trademarks and the obstacles you may come across. As well as the various classes to consider, there are various intricacies that need addressing to ensure the smooth setup of a trademark. We can help explain the process and protect you from any potential issues.

Register a Trademark Today

Whenever possible, it is best to register a trademark. This will act as a deterrent against imitators and will cover the whole of the UK, giving you rights from the day of application. This way your investment in product development will be protected, will potentially lead to licence revenue and, most importantly, your reputation will be protected.

As well as the basic search, we can conduct a search and acceptance report for £150 plus VAT, which will advise you if the trade mark you submit is likely to be accepted for registration. Once it has been established your proposed trade mark is available for use, it can be applied for at the UK Trade Office. Our trade mark agents will follow through the whole process and obtain registration within 7-8 months. The cost to place an application on file to register a trademark in the UK is £375 plus VAT for one class, any additional classes are charged at £100 plus VAT each. Conduct a UK trade mark search with National Business Register today, and apply online now.

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